So, what is it that really makes our Alvarinho so interesting and different from the rest?
What makes Monção and Melgaço the cradle and the source of Alvarinho?


The region of Monção and Melgaço, comprises two picturesque border villages with over 700 years of history, and boasts a territory privileged by a set of unique features that define our Terroir and naturally the profile of our wines.
In short there are 4 fundamental factors: climate, soil, grape variety, and human factor.


Climate: Because it is crossed by the Vale do Minho mountain range, the Sub Region of Monção e Melgaço is not exposed to the typical Atlantic influence of the Vinho Verde Region, a feature that conditions the characteristics of Vinho Verde. This, together with the mountainous stretches of the Sierra de Galicia, which, very close to the Minho river and reaching considerable heights, form a mountainous belt that creates a unique microclimate, primarily conditioned to precipitation, humidity and air temperature, with a thermal range on the ripening process, characterized by hot days and cold nights. This factor contributes to the preservation of the aromas, to the persistence of the flavour, to retaining its freshness and especially to its characteristic acidity.


-Soil: Fundamental element in the character of the vine and the profile of the wine. In this region granite is prevalent, however in the Northwest there are large quantities of sediments (clay and pebble), as well as the existence of a schist range in the central part of the region. It imparts that very distinct mineral character to the profile of our wines.

– Grape varieties: Alvarinho Monção Melgaço: Considered the queen of white grape varieties in Portugal, Alvarinho is a very small grape, with thick skin, which means it is not very prolific, is one of the most expensive in the country, always sold above EUR 1 / kg, produces wines with a very high quality, personality, and great capacity for development in the bottle.
The grapes produce musts that are very rich in sugars and yet have a moderate organic acid content. The wine is characterized by an intense straw colour, with citrus highlights, intense, distinctive and complex aroma, ranging from quince, peach, lemon, passion fruit and lychee (fruity character), orange blossom, jasmine, and violet (floral character), hazelnut and walnut (almond character) and honey (caramelized character), and the flavour is complex, smooth, round, harmonious, full-bodied and persistent.

– Human Factor: More than the unique characteristics in the morphology of the region, the wines of Monção & Melgaço are, in essence, the result of collective knowledge, an accumulation of experiences and wisdom, a cultural heritage, which previous generations left us, for us to continue to develop and enhance


Wines, which breath our mountains and valleys, rain and sun,
land and the work of our people.
These are Wines from PROVAM, Alvarinho with soul