PROVAM is a company formed by 10 winegrowers from the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço, who with their passion for everything wine related, decided in 1992 to build a modern and functional winery for the production of the Alvarinho and Trajadura blends in the parish of Barbeita, in Monção.


Currently it has an installed capacity of 510,000 litres, to vinify the grapes of the founders and those of a selected group of small growers, about 200, belonging to the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço. Most of these winegrowers have been supplying Provam for over 20 years and most of their vineyards are over 30 years old.


It has been the focus of our company and the entire work team, to produce Alvarinho wine, with a profile that dignifies its origin – Monção & Melgaço, in the preservation of our territory, terroir, microclimate, viticulture, oenology, history, gastronomy, and originality.


Provam has been one of the pioneering companies in the study of the evolution of the Alvarinho grape variety. Since the first year of winemaking, 1993, we have kept a minimum stock of Portal do Fidalgo, to test and check the evolution of all harvests. The results have been fantastic! The excellent potential for development of this variety Alvarinho – Monção & Melgaço is proven!


We are open to the world, to its needs and trends, and we work very closely with these facts. But that is also why in our daily lives we maintain respect for the environment, our unique grape varieties, terroir and past.


In this way we try to preserve and be able to present to the world the best of our heritage by producing a range of products distinguished by their high quality, reflected in the aromas and flavours characteristic of the grape varieties in their land of origin.


We produce high quality wines, which breath our mountains and valleys, rain and sun, our land and the work of our people.


Quality Policy:


Our Quality Policy:
> Creation of value in a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers by fostering their development.
> Promotion of a family culture that fosters global communication without giving up professionalism and continuous improvement.
> Compliance with all requirements aiming for global satisfaction for the presentation of a product selected on the basis of quality.