Provam is a private limited company, made up of ten winemakers from the Monção and Melgaço sub-region. Steadfastly passionate about Wine, they decided in 1992 to build a modern and functional winery for Alvarinho and Alvarinho/Trajadura grapes.

With an installed capacity of 510 000 litres, 25% of the grapes used come from the partners’ vineyards and the rest are purchased from winegrowers in this sub-region. The vineyards are chosen for their viticultural and oenological potential, to be the best for building good and diversified Alvarinhos.

The technology used in the winery helps to enhance the oenological value of the grape varieties, from scheduling the harvest from vineyard to vineyard, with the grapes gathered exclusively in 20 kg perforated boxes, up to the soft pressing with the option of skin maceration, cooling of the must and fermentation at controlled temperature.

Nothing is done by chance, it is all rational, in pursuit of the highest standards of quality and genuineness.