PROVAM has a multifaceted and dynamic team that plays a key role in the quality of the wines and the growth of the company. The secret to success lies between cooperation and dedication.

Mr. Abel Codesso – Oenologist

“If something good happens, drink wine to celebrate. If something bad happens, drink wine to forget. If nothing is happening, just drink wine, something is bound to happen.”

João Marques - Commercial Director

“We are our own best ambassadors, we take our traditions, our terroir and our authenticity beyond borders”.

Vânia Azevedo - Communications

“In our soul we have Alvarinho and we make Alvarinho with soul”.

Patrícia Barreiros - Quality assurance

“Every day is a creative process, every day we learn and try to stay up to date, in this world (the world of wines) we cannot stand still, we are in constant evolution”.

Amélia Braga - Administration

“We are children of the land, we grew up with Alvarinho and since we were little Alvarinho has accompanied us in the best moments like a family member, we know Alvarinho well and respect above all… Alvarinho’s natural essence”.

António Castro - Winery worker

“We try to expedite everything as quickly as possible in order to meet deadlines, we like to keep our customers satisfied”.

Teresa Juan- Winery assistant

“Making wine is an art, an Art that depends on the love you devote to it every day.”

Sónia Rua - Winery assistant

“It’s great to work in a winery where the wines are recognized for their high quality, we feel proud of what we do every day”.