Varanda do Conde

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Vinification: The grapes are harvested by wine varieties, transported in 20 kg boxes and pressed to obtain a hight quality must. The must is clarified at 12ºC for 48 hours and then fermented at controlled temperature for 10-12 days.

Organoleptic Properties: Clear and bright, citrus color, very elegant fruity flavor, especially fresh and tropical fruit. It is full bodied, balanced where the fruit and freshness gives it a special touch as result of the excellent selection and combination of Alvarinho and Trajadura grapes.

Alcohol: 12 % vol.

Total acidity: 6.4 g ác.tart./l

Residual sugar: 5.3 g/l

Storage: The bottles packed in carton cases should be stored without opening in a clean and airy place in normal conditions of temperature and humidity. The storing should not be done in places where there is sun exposition, or under a roof of easy warmness. The cases should not also be in direct contact with the floor. Cannot be stored in contiminated or contaminative areas: aromatic products, fuels, solvents, inks, pesticides,etc. Considering the short period of time in storing, it is not advised to put the cases downwards.aromáticos, combustíveis, solventes, tintas, produtos fitossanitários, pesticidas, raticidas, etc. Considerando um curto periodo de tempo em armazém não é aconselhável colocar as caixas invertidas.

Gastronomy: It should be served between 8-10ºC. Excellent with fish and seafood.

Grape variety: 70% Alvarinho 30% Trajadura

Oenologist: Abel Codesso

Presentation: Presented bottle type Rhine, amber color, with a complex tin capsule label, and a back label where you find all the information about the wine. Natural cork stopper, extra quality, size 45 x 22 mm marked "PROVAM".

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HARVEST 2013 | Gold Medal
Wine of Portugal Challenger 2014

HARVEST 2013 | Silver Medal
Selection Mondial du Vin 2014 - Canada

HARVEST 2012 | Silver Medal
Premios Zarcillo - Espanha 2013

HARVEST 2012 | Silver Medal
Selection Mundiales dês Vins - Canada 2013

HARVEST 2012 | Bronze Medal
China Wine & Spirtis Awards 2014 - China

HARVEST 2012 | Gold Medal
International Wine Competition 2014 - UK

HARVEST 2011 | Silver Medal
China Wine & Spirit Awards 2012

HARVEST 2011 | Gold Medal
China Wine & Spirit Best Value 2013

HARVEST 2010 | Silver Medal
Challenge International du Vin 2012 - France

HARVEST 2009 | Gold Medal
Concurso Nacional de Vinhos Engarrafados 2010

HARVEST 2009 | Silver Medal
International Wine & Spirit Competition U.K. 2011

HARVEST 2008 | Silver Medal
National Competition of Bottled Wines 2009 - Santarém

HARVEST 2008 | Silver Medal
Competition "Vinho Verde Ponte de Lima 2009"

HARVEST 2007 | Bronze Medal
Competition of Wines Rotary Club of Vila Verde 2008

HARVEST 2007 | Gold Medal
Mundial Competition of Bruxelas 2008

HARVEST 2006 | Silver Medal
National Competition of Bottled Wines 2007 - Santarém

HARVEST 2006 | Gold Medal
Competition C.V.R.V.V. "Vinho Verde Bottled 2007"

HARVEST 2005 | Silver Medal
Mundial Competition of Bruxelas 2006

HARVEST 2004 | Included in the list "100 Best Values of the Year"
Wine & Spirits Magazine

HARVEST 2003 | Silver Medal
Competition "City of Coimbra"

HARVEST 2001 | Gold Medal and Trophy of The Best White Vinho Verde
Competition C.V.R.V.V.

HARVEST 2000 | Silver Medal
Competition C.V.R.V.V "Vinho Verde Bottled 2001"

HARVEST 1999 | Gold Medal
International Competition of Wine "Cidade do Porto"

HARVEST 1999 | Medalha de Bronze
Concurso “The International Wine and Spirit Competition”

HARVEST 1999 | Bronze Medal
Competition "The International Wine and Spirit Competition"

HARVEST 1998 | Silver Medal
Competition C.V.R.V.V. "Vinho Verde Bottled 1999"

HARVEST 1997 | Silver Medal
Competition C.V.R.V.V. "Vinho Verde Bottled 1998"

HARVEST 1995 | Bronze Medal
Competition C.V.R.V.V. "Vinho Verde Bottled 1996"

HARVEST 1994 | Silver Medal
Competition C.V.R.V.V. "Vinho Verde Bottled 1995"



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